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 DotA General Discussion Rules

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DotA General Discussion Rules Empty
PostSubject: DotA General Discussion Rules   DotA General Discussion Rules EmptyTue Dec 30, 2008 5:30 pm

DotA General Discussion Rules
Hi Garena Members, these are simple rules you need to follow.

- English is the main language and the only language to be used here.

- All threads have to be related to DotA.

- Don¡¯t post any sensitive or offensive materials. No Pornographic material.

- Respect the other users and their opinions. Flaming or swearing is strictly prohibited here.

- Use "Search" button located on the top before creating a NEW Topic.

- Don¡¯t spam by posting [smiles, lol, ok]. Try to avoid double posting and triple posting.

- Don't post or share about leaked , beta, unofficial or hacked DotA versions.

- Post questions about how Dota works in Dota Facts and FAQ section.

- Don't post 1x1 topics (Example: Axe vs Juggernaut) as DotA is a "Team" game. Let DotA be a team game. No such topics are allowed.

- Quality topics / posts are always Welcome and will be appreciated and you get rewarded with Rate EXP depending on the quality and material posted.

- If there is any problem in post / topics you are feel free to PM me or Report the topic using "Report" button.

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DotA General Discussion Rules
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