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 News Article on Jesus in Kashmir !!‏

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News Article on Jesus in Kashmir !!‏ Empty
PostSubject: News Article on Jesus in Kashmir !!‏   News Article on Jesus in Kashmir !!‏ EmptyTue Jan 06, 2009 6:29 pm

'Jesus lived and taught many years in Kashmir '
Sunday, 12.21.2008, 10:12pm (GMT-7)

German author Holger Kersten begins his book, "Jesus Lived in India " as follows: "It is simply of vital importance to find again the path to the sources, to the eternal and central truths of Christ's message, which has been shaken almost beyond recognition by the profane ambitions of more or less secular institutions arrogating to themselves a religious authority.
This is an attempt to open a way to a new future, firmly founded in the true spiritual and religious sources of the past". Kersten's book does exhaustive research into Christ's travels after the Crucifixion, his arrival in India with Mother Mary and finally his death and entombment in Kashmir . It is not possible, Kersten asserts, to disprove that Christ went to India .
The current information documenting Christ's life is restricted to the gospels and the work of Church theologians. One can hardly trust these sources to be objective considering their obvious interest in maintaining the authority of their Church and its grip on the masses. Russian scholar Nicolai Notovich was the first to suggest that Christ may have gone to India . In 1887, Notovich, a Russian scholar and Orientalist, arrived in Kashmir during one of several journeys to the Orient.
At the Zoji-la pass Notovich was a guest in a Buddhist monastery, where a monk told him of the Bodhisattva saint called "Issa". Notovich was stunned by the remarkable parallels of Issa's teachings and martyrdom with that of Christ's life, teachings and crucifixion.
For about sixteen years, Christ traveled through Turkey , Persia , Western Europe and possibly England . He finally arrived with Mary to a place near Kashmir , where she died. After many years in Kashmir, teaching to an appreciative population, who venerated him as a great prophet, reformer and saint, he died and was buried in a tomb in Kashmir itself.
The many Islamic and Hindu historical works recording local history and legends of kings, noblemen and saints of the areas thought to be traveled by Jesus also give evidence of a Christ like man; the Koran, for example, refers to Christ as "Issar".
Kersten claims that there are more than 21 historical documents that bear witness to the existence of Jesus in Kashmir , where he was known also as Yuz Asaf and Issa. For example the Bhavishyat Mahapurana (volume 9 verses 17-32) contains an account of Issa-Masih (Jesus the Messiah).
It describes Christ's arrival in the Kashmir region of India and his encounter with King Shalivahana, who ruled the Kushan area (39-50AD), and who entertained Christ as a guest for some time. The historian Mullah Nadini (1413) also recounts a story of Yuz Asaf who was a contemporary to King Gopadatta, and confirms that he also used the name Issar, i.e. Jesus.
There is also much historical truth in the towns and villages of Northern India to prove that Jesus and his mother Mary spent time in the area. For instance, at the border of a small town called Mari, there is nearby a mountain called Pindi Point, upon which is an old tomb called Mai Mari da Asthan or "The final resting place of Mary".
The tomb is said to be very old and local Muslims venerate it as the grave of Issa's (i.e. Christ's) Mother. Following Christ's trail into Kashmir, 40km south of Srinagar , between the villages of Naugam and Nilmge is a meadow called Yuz-Marg (the meadow of Yuz Asaf, i.e. Jesus). Then there is the sacred building called Aish Muqam, 60km south east of Srinagar and 12km from Bij Bihara. "Aish" says Kersten is derived from "Issa" and "Muqam" place of rest or repose.
Within the Aish Muqam is a sacred relic called the 'Moses Rod' or the 'Jesus Rod', which local legend says, belonged to Moses himself. Christ is said to also have held it, perhaps to confirm his Mosaic heritage. Above the town of Srinagar is a temple known as "The Throne of Solomon", which dates back to at least 1000BC.
The third and fourth inscription read: "At this time Yuz Asaf announced his prophetic calling in Year 50 and 4" and "He is Jesus -- Prophet of the Sons of Israel"! Christ's tomb, says Kersten, lies in Srinagar 's old town in a building called Rozabal. "Rozabal" is an abbreviation of Rauza Bal, meaning "tomb of a prophet".
At the entrance there is an inscription explaining that Yuz Asaf is buried along with another Moslem saint. Both have gravestones which are oriented in North-South direction, according to Moslem tradition.
However, through a small opening the true burial chamber can be seen, in which there is the Sarcophagus of Yuz Asaf in East-West (Jewish) orientation!
This synopsis of "Jesus Lived in India " by Holger Kersten was written by Dr Ramesh Manocha & Anna Potts.


Hereʼs a new article put in the website !!

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News Article on Jesus in Kashmir !!‏
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